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Ladakh is an area in Jammu and Kashmir that as of now stretches out from the Kuen Lun mountain reach to the principle Great Himalayas toward the south, possessed by individuals of Indo-Aryan and Tibetan plunge. Rock carvings found in numerous parts of Ladakh demonstrate that the territory has been possessed from Neolithic times Ladakh's most punctual occupants comprised of a mixedIndo-Aryan populace of Mons and Dards, who discover notice underway of land . Around the first century, Ladakh was a part of the realm. Buddhism spread into western Ladakh from Kashmir in the second century when quite a bit of eastern Ladakh and western Tibet was all the while honing the Bon religion. The seventh century Buddhist explorer portrays the district in his accounts.In the eighth century, Ladakh was included in the conflict between Tibetan extension squeezing from the East and Chinese impact applied from Central Asia through the passes. Suzerainty over Ladakh habitually changed hands amongst China and Tibet. In 842 Nyima-Gon, a Tibetan regal delegate added Ladakh for himself after the separation of the Tibetan domain, and established a different Ladakhi line. Amid this period Ladakh procured a prevalently Tibetan populace. The tradition initiated the second spreading of Buddhism, importing religious thoughts from north-west India, especially from Kashmir. The principal spreading of Buddhism was the one in Tibet appropriate.

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Monastries, Gompas , Lakes, Shanti Stupa , Hall of Fame , Magnetic Hill etc.

Things To Do

Trekking, Biking, Adventure Sports , Mountaineering etc.

Best Time To Visit

April to June is one of the best times to visit Ladak. Late July till end of August and the winter seasons are off seasons for Ladakh.

How to Reach 

By Air: Leh Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport is the main airport of the area. The flights are directly connected from Delhi, Srinagar and Jammu.

By Road:

 Srinagar - Leh: 434 Km

 Manali - Leh: 473 Km.

 Srinagar - Kargil: 204 Km

 Delhi - Leh: 1047 Km.

 Leh - Kargil: 234 Km.

 Kargil - Padum (Zanskar): 240 Km.

 Leh - Deskit (Nubra Valley): 118 Kms.