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India's second littlest union region, Daman and Diu, is situated on its western coast. Over a time of 450 years, the twin islands had been under the tenet of the Portuguese.Subsequently, the provincial time's fragile old world appeal is reflected in the great strongholds, lovely churches, and other prominent landmarks in Daman and Diu.The white sanded shorelines, one of the real highlights of a visit to Daman and Diu, draw in guests from far flung areas. The shorelines are best known for energizing water sports.The characteristics, as peaceful surroundings, positive atmosphere, and beautiful area, have supported tourism at universal scale. The UT makes for a perfect shoreline retreat, offering a fine mixed drink of enterprise games and laid back shoreline experience.


Temple, Museum, Beach, Fort.

Best Time to Visit: 

October to February: These months constitute the winter period of Daman and the temperature ranges between 32 degree Celsius and 10 degree Celsius . Winters are marginally cooler when contrasted with other season as the normal temperature is 23 degree Celsius.This season is likewise the crest time to visit Daman as touring is more open to amid the day time. You can likewise appreciate water sports and other visitor exercises amid this time.

March to May: These months constitute the mid year season in Daman. While March can be to some degree charming amid nights (attributable to the Arabian Sea) which is perfect for shoreline strolls and other water games, April and May can be extremely hot and dry. You would frequently see less group amid this time.Be that as it may, this is a decent time to appreciate water sports like swimming, snorkeling, water skiing, speedboat and different exercises in Daman.

June to September: The storm season touches base in Daman amid these months. Precipitation can be very substantial in the month of July however in the event that you like downpours, you would appreciate the wet seaside environment. This likewise happens to be the time when the fundamental celebration of Daman-Nariyal Purnima is commended.In spite of the fact that touring won't not be a decent alternative amid this season, but rather since it's the off-season, numerous lodgings offer alluring arrangements and bundles making Daman a perfect getaway for a spending occasion.