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The fresh, floral air energizes you. The warm, tranquil waters refresh you. The breathtaking, natural beauty renews you. Look around. There’s no place on earth like Hawaii. Whether you're a new visitor or returning, the six unique islands offer distinct experiences that will entice any traveler.Add Kauai, Oahu, Molokai, Lanai, Maui and Big Island and what do you get? Hawaii, of course! The first step in saying “aloha” to Hawaii is picking your slice of paradise from these six islands. While Molokai and Lanai have the art of chill down pat, most visitors will base their Hawaiian holidays in the more populous centres of Maui or Oahu. For a taste of the “true” Hawaii, pop by Haleiwa on the North Shore of Oahu and test out your sea legs with a lesson from the local surfing gurus. If the breeze blows you east to Windward’s Kailua, try your hand at windsurfing before taking the Pali Highway back to Honolulu for an evening of luau.


One of the most popular attractions in all of the islands is found on Hawaii Island’s southeastern regions of Kau and Puna at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. This is where you can see majestic Halemaumau Crater, hike through a lava tube and witness Kilauea, one of the world’s most active volcanoes. But you’ll find there’s even more to discover on Hawaii Island. From amazing historic places like Puukohola Heiau National Historic Site and Puuhonua o Honaunau National Historical Park to living museums like the Imiloa Astronomy Center in Hilo, the itineraries are endless on Hawaii Island. With so much to see and do, start planning your next visit to Hawaii Island.Waikiki Beach on the island of Oahu is one of Hawaii's most famous and you can surf its breaks against a backdrop of glittering high-rise buildings. Away from the coastline, the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is a popular attraction. It's here you'll find the spectacular Halemaumau Crater – part of the famous Kilauea volcano which is constantly billowing a spectacular stream of lava and ash.

Things to Do:

Aloha, and Welcome to our list on the Best Things To Do In Hawaii! When planning a fabulous vacation to the Hawaiian Islands, there are so many incredible vacation activities to choose from on each individual isle. The Hawaiian Islands consist of 6 mainly visited islands, and many more smaller atolls and islets. Each island has its own distinct character and vibe, cultural history and rare opportunities to experience.

The must do’s are:

1.Waikiki: Waikiki, with its beautiful stretch of oceanfront beach, is Hawaii's biggest tourist attraction. A suburb of Honolulu, Waikiki is easy to reach and offers all the amenities and entertainment of a modern city.

2.Volcanoes National Park:Located on the Big Island of Hawaii, Volcanoes National Park offers a unique, close up look at an active volcano and the recent landscape produced by a volcano. Hot lava flows down the mountain side, and dry lava covers the road, showing its unstoppable force.

3.Pearl Harbor and USS Arizona Memorial: This memorial to those who perished with the sinking of the USS Arizona, stands above the remains of the sunken ship. Some portions can be seen protruding up from the water. The Visitors Center provides historical information on the harbor and the Japanese attack, and a ferry shuttles visitors out to the actual memorial.

4.Waipio Valley:One of the most scenic spots on the Big Island of Hawaii is the lookout over Waipio Valley. Surrounded by lush cliff walls the fertile valley opens out to the ocean, where the black sand beach is met with white waves and blue water.

5.Haleakala National Park:Located on Maui, Haleakala National park offers access to the inactive Haleakala Volcano which stands at over 10,000 feet. Views from the summit stretch across the entire island and are particularly beautiful at sunrise.

6.Maui Ocean Center: The Maui Ocean Center allows visitors a chance to see close up what lies beneath the ocean's surface. Sharks, rays, turtles and all kinds of interesting sea life are presented in huge aquariums. A walk through glass tunnel is a favorite feature at the facility.

7.Polynesian Cultural Center:

Located on Oahu, less than an hours drive from Honolulu, is the Polynesian Cultural Center. Through music, dance, craft demonstrations, and games, the center portrays the culture and daily life of the Polynesian islanders in Hawaii, Tahiti, Marquesas, Tonga, Samoa and Fiji as well as that of the Maoris in New Zealand. The center is divided into sections representing each of these locations. Many of the performers come from the islands which they represent, providing a high degree of authenticity. Visitors can tour the facility during the day or see a show in the evening.

Places To Stay:

Accommodations are available for every budget & lifestyle. Whether you want a beach house, luxury hotel, or deals on a condo in Hawaii. Live like a local with popular Hawaii vacation rentals. On a budget? Save money with affordable Hawaii condos, or be treated like a king at one of the island’s finest resort.When you're going to Hawaii, accommodation is really about one thing: beautiful views. Whether you want to be proximal to one of Hawaii's many beaches, overlooking the outstanding natural scenery on Kauai or simply hanging out in a chilled cottage on Molokai, Hawaii does hotels well and you won't have any trouble finding one to suit your style and budget. The two most visited islands of Oahu and Maui have the widest range of options, from cheap and cheerful B&Bs to long-term holiday rentals. The outer isles of Kauai, Molokai and Lanai have fewer options, although sparsely populated Lanai is home to a couple of exclusive 5-star resorts. The 'Big Island' of Hawaii is a popular place to stay for those looking to explore Hawaii's famous active volcanoes.

Best Time to visit:

Hawaii has long been one of the most popular vacation destinations in the United States, with miles of tropical beaches along emerald green waters and a variety of other natural wonders, from active volcanoes to seaside lava beds and blowholes. Hawaii is a great spot for anyone who loves the ocean, with spectacular surf and ample fishing and snorkeling opportunities. To make the most of your stay in Hawaii, timing is critical. What is the best time to go to Hawaii? There are many things to consider - the weather; which island(s) you plan to visit; the cost of airfare; whether you'll stay at a hotel, resort, bed & breakfast or rent a condominium; should you plan around a major festival; and finally what do you want to do once you arrive in the islands?

Most visitors come to Hawaii when the weather is lousy most everywhere else. Thus, the high season—when prices are up and resorts are often booked to capacity—is generally from mid-December to March or mid-April. The last 2 weeks of December, in particular, are prime time for travel to Hawaii. Spring break is also jam-packed with families taking advantage of the school holiday. If you’re planning a trip during peak season, make your hotel and rental car reservations as early as possible, expect crowds, and prepare to pay top dollar.

The off season, when the best rates are available and the islands are less crowded, is late spring (mid-Apr to early June) and fall (Sept to mid-Dec).

If you plan to travel in summer (June–Aug), don’t expect to see the fantastic bargains of spring and fall—this is prime time for family travel. But you’ll still find much better deals on packages, airfare, and accommodations in summer than in the winter months.